Top Ten Most Popular Catholic Medals

Catholic Medals

Devotional medals are a treasured aspect of Catholic religious practice, encapsulating aspects of faith, reverence, and personal spirituality. These medals often depict saints, apparitions, or sacred symbols, reminding the wearer of their faith and serving as an aid in spiritual devotion.

Here, we delve into the top 10 most popular Catholic devotional medals.

Miraculous Medal

1. The Miraculous Medal

Also known as the Medal of Our Lady of Graces, the Miraculous Medal was designed following apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Saint Catherine Labouré in 1830. The front of the medal depicts Mary standing on a globe, with rays of light streaming from her fingers, while the reverse shows the twelve stars of the apostles around a large “M” and a cross. Many Catholics wear this medal as an expression of Marian devotion and in the belief of Mary’s promises of grace and protection to those who wear it.

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St. Christopher Medals

2. The St. Christopher Medal

St. Christopher is venerated as the patron saint of travelers. His medals, often worn by those who travel regularly, depict him carrying the child Jesus across a dangerous river. The St. Christopher medal serves as a reminder of God’s protection during our earthly and spiritual journeys.

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St. Benedict Medals

3. The St. Benedict Medal

One of the oldest in Christian history, the St. Benedict Medal is revered for its protective and intercessory properties. It carries several inscriptions of abbreviated Latin phrases, including prayers of exorcism, invoking St. Benedict’s protection against evil.

Pope Benedict XIV recommended the use of the medal to the faithful in 1742. The medal usually worn today (and sold on was designed by a monk named Desiderius Lenz, from the Beuron Art School. Lenz designed it in 1880 for the 1400th anniversary of the birth of St. Benedict.

The front of the medal depicts St. Benedict holding a cross and his famous rule for monastic life, while the reverse side features a Latin inscription of a powerful exorcism prayer. This medal is often used as a means of seeking divine protection, particularly against evil influences and temptations.

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St. Joseph Medal4. The St. Joseph Medal

St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus, is honored as the patron saint of workers and the universal Church. Medals of St. Joseph often depict him holding baby Jesus and a lily, a symbol of his purity. Wearing a St. Joseph medal is a tangible expression of devotion to this humble saint known for his faithfulness and diligent work.

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Divine Mercy medals

5. The Divine Mercy Medal

The Divine Mercy devotion is based on the private revelations of Jesus to St. Faustina Kowalska. Medals depicting the Divine Mercy show Jesus with rays of red and white light emanating from His heart, symbolizing His immense love and mercy for humanity. Wearing this medal serves as a constant reminder of Jesus’ message of mercy and His call to trust in Him and show mercy to others. Many Divine Mercy medals also have an image of St. Faustina, often on the back.

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Saint Michael Medals

6. The St. Michael the Archangel Medal

St. Michael the Archangel, a powerful spiritual warrior in the heavenly realm, is often depicted in medals as a triumphant figure, standing over Satan, asserting the victory of good over evil. He is known as the leader of God’s army against the forces of darkness, and he is invoked for protection and deliverance from evil.

The St. Michael Medal carries with it the prayer of exorcism Pope Leo XIII composed, often inscribed around the edge of the medal: “Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.” For many Catholics, wearing the St. Michael Medal serves as a constant reminder of St. Michael’s strength, bravery, and protective power, reinforcing their resolve in spiritual warfare and their trust in divine protection.

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Francis of Assisi Medals

7. The St. Francis of Assisi Medal

Known for his love for all of God’s creation, St. Francis of Assisi is often depicted on medals with animals or in a moment of receiving the stigmata, the wounds of Christ. As the patron saint of animals, ecology, and merchants, many Catholics wear a St. Francis medal as a reminder of his humble and loving spirit and to seek his intercession for a greater love and respect for God’s creation.

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Scapular Medals

8. The Scapular Medal

The Scapular Medal is a sacramental of the Church, intended as a substitute for those who have been invested in a cloth scapular but, for varied reasons, cannot wear it. On one side, it shows the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and on the other, the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, reflecting the original Brown Scapular. This medal serves as a symbol of the wearer’s devotion to Mary and her promise of aid at the hour of death to those who wear it faithfully.

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Catholic Four Way Medals

9. The Four-Way Medal (or Five-Way Medal)

This medal is actually a combination of four medals (or five, in some versions) popular in the Catholic Church. Traditionally, the four-way medal includes the Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Joseph, St. Christopher, and the Miraculous Medal. A fifth medal, often the Holy Spirit or Our Lady of Mount Carmel, may also be included, which is then often called a five-way medal. This multi-faceted medal is an embodiment of multiple devotions and offers a comprehensive representation of the wearer’s faith.

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Crucifix Necklaces

10. The Crucifix Pendant

While not a medal in the traditional sense, the Crucifix pendant is one of the most powerful symbols in Christianity. It depicts Jesus on the cross, serving as a vivid reminder of Christ’s love for humanity and His sacrificial death for our salvation. The Crucifix pendant isn’t just a piece of jewelry; it’s a testament to faith, a sign of reverence, and a call to love and serve as Jesus did.

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Catholic Medals

Catholic Jewelry

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