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Immaculate Conception Framed Print


This iconic 15th-century Immaculate Conception painting is presented here as a framed high-gloss, full color print. The print measures 8.5 inches by 11 inches. It can be purchased in several different framing options:

  • Two Bar Wood Hanging Frame (no cover)
  • Black & Gold Plastic Frame with Plexiglass cover
  • Light Brown Wood Frame  Frame with Plexiglass cover

The Immaculate Conception

  • Artist: Guido Reni (Italian, Bologna 1575–1642 Bologna)
  • Date: 1627
  • Medium: Oil on canvas

Reni, the most celebrated painter of seventeenth-century Italy, was particularly famous for the elegance of his compositions and the beauty and grace of his female heads, earning him the epithet “Divine.” This otherworldly altarpiece was commissioned in about 1627 by the Spanish ambassador in Rome for the Infanta of Spain. It was later in the cathedral of Seville, where it exercised a deep influence on Spanish painters, especially Murillo. It later belonged to the Earls of Ellesmere at Bridgewater House, London.

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