CatholicShop orders unaffected by COVID-19

With the world going through such a difficult time, we wanted to send you a special update from all of us at

We’ve been praying for everyone around the world whose lives have been affected by COVID-19. Please join us in prayer.

For many, efforts to control the pandemic have distrupted normal daily routines as well as planned events. And, of course, we are especially remembering those who have fallen ill in our prayers.

In this time of Lent, many people are shopping for devotional items, books, and gifts for First Communions, Confirmations, Easter and Lent.

You’ll be happy to know that is shipping orders out daily, and all of our shipments come from within the USA. It’s business as usual here, and our staff is ready to assist you through our friendly customer support options.

If you’re interested in any of our products, we invite you to shop now and get Free Shipping for orders over $40. Plus, see some of our favorite Lenten deals below!





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